Community Center Project

Donation Makes Community Center Possible 

Plans for a Whitpain Township Community Center are moving forward after the Township received an unexpected $10 million donation specifically for the construction of a community center.

Although a need for indoor recreational space was noted in the Township's most recent parks and recreation master plan update, funding was always a key obstacle before the donation. The donor requested that their identity not be disclosed.

The Board of Supervisors selected a team of consultants led by Phillips & Donovan Architects to help design a community center. The selection comes after the Township received and reviewed over 20 responses to a request for proposals for design services. In August, the Board added Ballard King & Associates to the consultant team as they specialize in operational audits and assessments for recreational facilities.

At this point a final location for the community center has not been selected, but the current Dog Park, located near Route 202 at Centre Square Park, is a prime candidate. One of the first steps in the process will be for the new design team to verify this location is viable. If this site is selected, the Dog Park would be relocated.

As the process moves forward, the consulting team will solicit public input from the community and possible user groups.  Consultants have already spoken with a few potential user groups including: Whitpain Parks and Recreation Department, Whitpain Recreation Association, Scouts, WissLax, WissCheer, and the Ambler Whitpain Trojans.

As part of their efforts, the consultants will also ensure that the community center is economically sustainable.

*September 27 Update:

The Board of Supervisors joined with staff members and the architectural team from Phillips and Donovan Architects to discuss updates on the community center planning process. Approximately 50 attendees joined the meeting in person and via Zoom. 

Over the last several weeks, the architectural team has been meeting with various community stakeholder groups and at the meeting they shared ideas that emerged from these meetings. Additionally, the team accepted community feedback at the meeting concerning potential amenities and the possible location for the community center.

 In case you missed the meeting, the recording is linked below.