Crime Victim Right of Access

Beginning on May 2, 2023, crime victims and/or defendants in a civil action in which the crime victim is a party may obtain criminal investigative information for use in an existing civil action or in contemplation of a potential civil action. 18 Pa. C.S. § 9158.1. CVRA requests are not the same as a Right to Know request. This is a specific, limited exception to Criminal History Record Information Act’s strict prohibition against the dissemination of investigative information.  

Procedure for Submitting CVRA Requests

Materials will only be provided to a crime victim, a defendant in a civil action in which a crime victim is a party, or their attorney. All requests must be submitted using the Whitpain Township Police CVRA Request Form and comply with the requirements and procedures set forth in the attached instructions; failure to comply with the foregoing may result in denial.

Forms may be returned:

1.    In-person at the police lobby

2.    Scanned and emailed to:

3.    Mailed to:

       Whitpain Township Police Department
       Attn: Records Division CVRA
       960 Wentz Rd
       Blue Bell, PA 19422

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