Political Signs

Please adhere to the following guidelines when placing political signs within the Township:

1. No signs are to be placed on utility poles.

2. No signs are to be placed on property owned by St. Helena’s Church.

  •           Exception: Election Day.

3. No signs are to be placed on rights-of-way owned by PECO.

  •           Example: Route 202, north of the Turnpike; Skippack Pike, west of St. John’s Church;

                  North Wales Road, south of the railroad crossing; Wentz Road, from Plowshare Road

                  to Horseshoe Drive; Township Line Road (south), west of the Turnpike.

4. No signs are to be placed on Township-owned properties.

  •           Exception: Township Administration Building on Election Day.

5. All signs are to be behind the ultimate right-of-way of all streets and be located on

    private property with the consent of the property owner.

6. No signs are to be placed on the PennDOT property located on the southeast corner of

    Routes 202 and 73, or other land acquired by PennDOT for the 202 widening project

Signs that are in violation of the ordinance will be removed by the Code Enforcement Department and recycled.